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If I do this...will this happen

I just planted a garden with about 20 different perennials.
I feed them Miracle Grow every Sunday.
Is it true that if I continuly cut the flowers off they will grow faster?
I want the plants to grow FAST so that my garden is full. Then let the flowers grow and blossum.
I heard some say this works and others say it stunts the growth and slows them down.
I figured that if you take the energy from the plant making flowers, it will re-direct it to making the plants foliage.

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cutting or pinching back will make the planyts more compact. It may slow down the initial bloom but it shouldn't hurt the overall bloom.

Good luck!

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I don't have a clue where you live but you could run into a problem next winter if you use Miracle Grow every week. If you get a deep frost it might kill many of you perennials bwecause they could be tender going into winter so I would cut back to fertilizing once a month instead. You don't want to start all over again next year do you? Remember Mother Nature dictates, not humans. Just look at the floods in the Midwest and the drought in the Southeast.

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