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Growing Hypoestes (Polka Dot Plant) Help please!

Hi, there! I am pretty new to growing plants but I've really been bitten by the bug! I have six succulents among other plants, but that's not why I'm posting. The first plant I grew was from a seed starter kit and it was a hypoestes plant, or a polka dot plant. I really loved that little plant but unfortunately, it died due to my own fault. Well, now I've ordered some more seeds of this same kind and I'm very excited to try to grow some more. My question is what sort of soil I should grow my seeds in. Currently, I have some cactus soil for repotting my succulents and I believe I also have some regular potting soil. Can anyone help me with this?

Also, I'm curious about how often to water these plants - I'm good with succulents because they aren't watered very often, but of course hypoestes are not the same at all. Thanks for the help :D

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Re: Growing Hypoestes (Polka Dot Plant)

I will help the best I can, I had some several years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember what the 'soil' was, but it was probably some kind of potting soil with up to a third of decent garden soil mixed in. As long as it can drain enough to avoid 'wet feet' for prolonged periods and some source of nutrients or fertilizers, I think they will be ok.
I watered them whenever the soil felt dry to the touch, which is abit more often then succulents, such as Aloe vera. It is watered a lot more often than a Snakeplant or a cactus.

I will also suggest starting a second cutting as your first one gets big, before it flowers if you can. I remember at least twice my older one died, and I was able to keep it going through their previous cuttings. Giving it a little less or a little more sunlight changes how much of green or 'pink'/spotted the leaves become.:mrgreen: It liked abit more sunlight than Aloe vera, and definately more than the minimum sunlight for Snakeplant. You can pinch off the top leaves to encourage the plant to become more 'bushy' with more branches, but that is optional. I wish you the best of luck, I've never started them from seed before. :D

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