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Help with Lily of the Valley. Disease? Over/Underwatering?

My lily bloomed and my dog nosed it too hard while trying to sniff them and broke off the blossoms. Since then I've been keeping it outside with partial shade, only getting morning sun and away from my dog (especially since it is poisonous). From what I have read I understand that I should not let the roots dry out, however, I tend to fuss with my plants too much so I've been trying to let them be and do their thing and water them a little less. It's been looking ok despite the extreme heat, although as you can tell the tips are browning. I inspected it today and there seems to be some yellow/white-ish patches in the middle of a few leaves, on top and on bottom. I ordered it from Burpee, it came with plant food which I used and it took off like crazy and bloomed almost immediately, however, ever since my dog got too curious it hasn't bloomed. I fertilized it once after that happened which was about 4 months ago. I know it blooms in March-ish, but will it bloom again or will I have to wait until next Spring?
Thank you!!

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I don't know, but honestly, it's not the kind of thing I would worry about, unless it keeps getting worse. You can make gardening stressful by worrying about every little mark on a leaf. Nothing in nature is perfect.

Lily of the valley only blooms once a year in the spring. I'm not sure why you are bothering with it. It makes pretty little flowers, but not very showy, for a few weeks in spring. The rest of the time it is pretty non-descript looking. AND it is not likely to thrive very well for you in the long run. Your winters are not cold enough for it, there in zone 9. It may survive, but probably not thrive and possibly not bloom any more.

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