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Perennial Sweet Pea

I bought a perennial sweet pea called Lathyrus latifolius - Red Pearl. I noticed when I looked it up online that some people are having problems with it taking over their yard. Is this dependent on your location? I'm in zone 6a so I'm not sure if it would be an issue here. Does any one have experience with this plant particularly in a similar location. I have not planted it yet and I'm hesitant to do so if it will become as invasive as I've read. Thank you!

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It looks like this is a vine. Although I have no experience with this plant, I believe that most plants in the pea family can be invasive due to re-seeding. If you want to take the time to remove the spent flowers, you shouldn't have a problem. I get partridge peas ALL over in my garden. The flowers are similar in style to your plant, except yellow. The seeds from the spent flowers pop and then shoot all over the place. The following year I have plants everywhere and I just pull them out where I don't want them.

Your call ~ I think it is a pretty plant and wish I could find one around here. :D

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I don't have Red Pearl but I have perennial sweet peas. They do spread and can be difficult to get rid of. One way to contain them would be to plant them in a pot sunk in the ground (make sure you drill some holes in the bottom for drainage) because they also spread by root system. A way to prevent them from reseeding is to cut the dying foliage off and dispose of it in the trash, or as previously suggested, simply deadhead them every week. Pea seeds take a long time to mature so it would be similar to picking peas.

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