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Will Moonflower Bloom in September or Too Late?

This is my moonflower plant, since it is September will it still bloom or is it too late? It is in sun and kind of protected by the corner of the house and the big flower pot. Should I take it indoors or just let it die and start earlier next spring? I could try to grow some more indoors during the winter.

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Re: Moonflowers

Plants that are in pots are more sensitive to freezing temperatures than plants in the ground. And Moonflower is a plant that is sensitive to freezing temperatures. So it depends on your climate. I don't overwinter my potted plants because I know they might freeze. I have had pots break in freezing temperatures, ruining the pot.
Your Moonflower plant will need to be pampered through the winter if your area tends to freeze. There are a variety of ways that you can do this.
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Re: Will Moonflower Bloom in September or Too Late?

Rosy, I don't know where you are, but I am in zone 9, and my moonflower is twice the size of yours and I don't think it will bloom before frost. I was late planting it this year, and we had real hot, dry days, so it suffered. I would say, no, I don't think it will bloom. I don't think you can overwinter the vine-I think another would have to be started from seed.
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Re: Will Moonflower Bloom in September or Too Late?

Yeah , sorry but your moon flower is a baby or very stunted . This time of year it should be 10 ft tall with lots of side shoots and covered in flowers . Start over next year EARLIER !
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