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Do Bulbs go Truly Dormant?

Do flower bulbs go truly dormant when they die-back?

I've heard that lilium bulbs don't go truly dormant and need a little moisture even when the plant is not visible above ground. Is this true?

I'm pretty sure daffodil and dahlia bulbs go truly dormant considering some of the general care and winter care instructions I've read. There are just so many bulbs and bulb-like plants and I would love to know details. There's the classic spring bulbs like crocus (some are fall blooming), tulips, hyacinth, fawn lilies (if you live in the Pacific Northwest these are a treat). Then you've got lilium, dahlias, callas... And some bulbs live in habitats that stay quite moist year-round and yet don't just rot out.

Does anyone know specifics about bulbs and dormancy?

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Re: Do Bulbs go Truly Dormant?

dormancy means not in active growth with developing root stems that grow roots to feed bulbs.

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