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Perennial flowering vine distasteful to livestock

I have a sturdy,backyard fence that is also my pasture fence. I would like to plant a perrenial, flowering vine on it but it would have to be non-poisonous as well as distasteful to my horses. Does anyone have any experience with this & could suggest something?

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Re: Perennial flowering vine distasteful to livestock

Sorry. I don't. The horses, I have had, would eat anything with bark.
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Re: Perennial flowering vine distasteful to livestock

depends on exactly what you mean by non-poisonous. Most of the things that are distasteful are also toxic to at least some degree. That may only mean the animal will throw it up. But I think it would be very rare to have a plant that would be distasteful enough to keep them from eating it, but would not make them sick.
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