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question about rhubarb?

I have four Victoria Rhubarb plants. My mother came by an asked if I had ever heard of Crimson Red Rhubarb. My question is can Crimson be planted with the Victoria plants with no problems? Or should I choose another location?


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Re: question about rhubarb?

What is it you are you worried about? Cross pollination? Generally rhubarb is not allowed to flower. The flower just takes energy from the plant and it spreads from the roots well. So as soon as a flower bud appears, it is removed. Thus no bloom, no cross pollination, so the different varieties will not affect each other.
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Re: question about rhubarb?

Yep you can plant them in the same location with appropriate spacing apart.

If you want to be sure to remember which is which, I highly recommend using a good identifier -- perennial plant marker, stake with unfading label, painted rock....
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Re: question about rhubarb?

They can easily be noticed by the different colored stalks, and are usually smaller in width. The roots are known as corms.

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