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Hi, can anyone offer advice.
This past spring I planted an exbury azalia, beautiful flowers, raised bed, morning semi shade afternoon more sun and shade.
Well established watering since planting.
My problem is late summer, my leaves are becoming snowy white, some are falling others not, I have been spraying with multi purpose fungacide, no great changes.
I really don't want to lose this shrub.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Ira Kirsch

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Hi sparky :D

It sounds like powdery mildew. A disease that azaleas are particularly prone to. It rarely causes any long term damage but can look very unsightly and as you said causes leaves to drop prematurely.
It happens when the Summer has been hot and dry so not much you can do about it apart from spraying which you are doing and keeping the plant as fit and healthy as you can.
Just one question. You mentioned watering regularly. Do you use rainwater? They are not too keen on tapwater tends to be too alkaline.

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Ira, you can use milk if it's powdery mildew. Yup, the stuff you put in your cereal. Is this what you see?

If so, be sure to clean up all fallen leaves as often as you can and don't leave any on the ground over the winter. Here's how to use milk or baking soda.


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