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Alyssum Royal Carpet

Here is the Alyssum so far, it is growing fast and I am anxious to see color, can anyone tell me how much taller it will get before it shows color?

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Color = blooming. They will probably get about double that size before they are ready to bloom and that should take more or less another month or so.

But alyssum is usually a spring bloomer planted in full sun. You are planning to grow these indoors? I haven't tried that and don't know how well they do. If you don't have a really good south facing window for them, you may need to give them supplemental lighting to get them to bloom.

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Alyssum usually goes from seed to bloom in about six weeks. I have only grown them outdoors and they do not bloom well in the shade. They do not need much water so don't keep them too soggy. Royal carpet is more compact than carpet of snow so it won't get as tall and the mounds are also more compact.

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