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New here and a coffee ground question...

HI! My name is Val and I am an avid gardener. I am really excited to be here as I have ended many a google search on the finer details of gardening right here for my answer. So I decided it was time I joined in. :)

I do have a question. I live in Western WA, the height of coffee USA capital... and I was wondering if there is a list of perennials that like coffee grounds and weather or not my perennial herb garden would benifit from a dumptruck load or two (jk... more like a 50 lb bag or so)... I have green and purple sage, savory, 5 kinds of mint, lemon balm, daliahs, bergamont (sp?), lovage, oregano, both kinds of chives, salad burnette, Pineapple sage, rosemary, echinacea, and quite a few kinds of self seeding non-invasive flowers (borage, violets, etc...).

I have another bed in which I have lillies, peonies, and a couple hydrangeas... what about this bed?

What do you think? I don't drink coffee but I feel like I have a gold mine at my disposal (the Starbucks up the street gave me two HUGE bags this morning for my worms and my composting pile while I was getting a Chai... lol...) and want to use it, but am afraid of burning something. These are all in a simi shade area. And being in western WA we have gotten over 90* twice yet this summer and most days are in the 70*'s and cloudy. So I don't think it will be an issue of soil heat.

Raspberries and blueberries as well... when do I top dress them with this stuff?

I am very happy to be here and thank you in advance for any help you could give me with this issue. :)


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Hello, Val. While your raspberries & blueberries would enjoy the acidity of the coffee grounds, I think you'd be better off adding those grounds to your compost and/or your worm bins. Give the decomposition process a chance to neutralize some of the grounds' acidity so they will benefit all of the plants in your garden.

How lucky you are to have such a treasure trove of grounds at your disposal!

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Slugs and such don't like crawling over coffee grounds, I sprinkle them around (liberally) my hostas and the like. Works kinda like a mulch, too. Something about the caffeine they don't like. And some decaf is done with chemicals that could leach into the soil, so be careful not to get decaf grounds.

Happy gardening.

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