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do you know what is wrong with this Iris?

A friend was given this iris, along with many others. I've looked at many sites to see if I could find out what is wrong with it but none of the pictures looked at all like hers. Do you know what is wrong with it and should she destroy it?
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post-701-0-19232800-1369057475_thumb.jpg (22.09 KiB) Viewed 1078 times
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Gee, looks more like an orchid or lily to me. I might try it in a different location. If I thought the soil was too extreme like too boggy or packed. Let's see what some of the others think..


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I don't know why the blooms and the outer leaves look like that.

But looking at the pictures, it looks as though the corm was planted straight down?

If this is bearded/German iris, the corm should be planted shallowly, exposed along the surface, angling down maybe 10-15 degrees, 25 degrees at most.

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