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How much to water?

Looks like this year is going to be hard on the lawns if we here in central KY don't see some rain (and lots of it) soon.

I have planted lots this year and wanted to know how drought hearty some of the plants are...and how much I should water in general.

I have 2 is very established.
An assortment of hostas (some are brand new....others between 2-3 yrs.)
2 Japanese Painted Ferns (brand new)
Cant remember the name of the ornamental grass...but its green with white strip in center ( couple of years old)

And some diff. types of annuals. Geraniums and Begonias.

So how about it...water every night, every other? Twice a day? How often do you all water?

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IT is best to water thoroughly at planting time - soak it really well.
For a few weeks water directly on the plant's roots twice a week - soaking until the water stands.

Then if weather is normal - water 1" a week

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hi there

i have about 15 differents types of perennials from sage to hostas to lambs ear and bogonias i live in midwest and it is hot i mean 97 to 100 duing the day and about 80 at night with lots of humidity i water every morning and every night when ever the soil is dry the rule of thumb is 1 inch per week but when it is hot or no rain then just touch the soil if it is not moist below an inch down then it needs water try mulching also to cosnserve water and moistue hope this helps
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There is no rule of thumb per se. It depends upon the specific plant, the soil, show much sun or shade the plant is in and weather (temps, humidity and wind). You just have to stick your finger in the earth to gauge how moist it is and carefully watch the plants.
Roses are water hogs and usually need lots of supplemental water to be happy. Try to water at the base only, don't use a sprinkler or otherwise get the leaves wet if you can avoid it.
Any plants that are new will require more water than they are likely to need once established.

I do recommend that you water in the AM, between 6:00AM - 9:00AM is usually optimal. Water deeply when you do water.

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