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Painted daisy

Is anyone growing Painted Daisies? The pic on the seed envelope is so pretty, I couldn't resist! I started some perhaps 1 1/2 yr ago, then got them to 4" pots. Busy with other stuff pushed them aside. I added a bed last summer mainly for the stragglers, just pots of varying things that had accumulated, and a couple of plants I couldn't resist buying.

Anyway, put 3 of the painted daisies in, 2 made it and showing growth. Hopefully they will bloom this season. 3 I up potted to gal pots, and they are looking great, showing new growth etc (they were brought in for awhile after the squirrels thought they were salad).

I could sell the pots at the market, or perhaps just plant, and have a few more flowers to sell. I often have a few small bunches of cut flowers to sell along with the fresh cut herbs.

Would love to hear anyone's comments on them.
Have fun!

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I haven't grown them but I just did a Goodle search and they are very cool looking indeed! Hmmm, now I may have to have some. I hope you will post a picture of yours when they bloom.

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