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planting tulips in winter

I have a lot of tulip bulbs that for a variety of reasons I cannot plant them until after new years day. Can anyone give me tips on planting so late.Also, should I even bother? The bulbs are store bought.

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Depends. Where I am, by Jan the ground (most years anyway) would be frozen solid and nothing can be planted. If the ground doesn't freeze where you are, you could try planting them.

Depends very much on what happens climate wise after that. The bulbs need to be able to put out roots, which means they need some water and some above freezing temps. But if they get too much water before they have roots to absorb it, the bulb will sit there and rot.

So, no guarantee of success. But your other choice would be just to store the bulbs in a frig or freezer until Oct 2013 and there's no guarantee of success that way either.

You said "a lot" of tulip bulbs. Depending on how many "a lot" is, another choice would be to pot the bulbs up in containers in damp potting soil. Wrap the container in plastic wrap and store in frig. Google "forcing tulip bulbs" for more detailed info on this process. It is a way to provide it the conditions it needs, since you can't control the outdoor conditions.

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