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Help with venus flytrap

Hello. I have this Venus flytrap for about 5 months. I researched a bit about it and since it`s November, it should have entered dormancy state. The problem is that it`s not cold enough here and I have no cold enough place to put it. Also, instead of entering dormancy state, there appeared a second, smaller Venus flytrap near the old one.

Do they look healthy? How much should I water it? Does it need a bigger pot and what kind of soil should I use?


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I wouldn't try transplanting they are pretty delicate and don't transplant well. They should be in perlite and sphagnum moss. The growing medium should be wet at all times but not soaking wet. Use distilled water or rain water only. And make sure the plant receives lots of light.

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I have only limited experience with carnivorous plants. They do need to be constantly moist not soggy. Your plant looks very healthy. In addition to regular watering daily misting is good.


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