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Help with my mums!

Are mum perennials or annuals? I live in zone 6. I planted about 11 mums in the early fall and they have "died" throughout the winter - will they come back green and flower again or are the brown branches brown and dead for good now?


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Hi Kathio,

There are both perennial and annual mums. If you purchased them in the fall they are most likely perennials. The top of the plant dies off for the winter and the plants become dormant for the winter. As soon as the danger of a hard frost has past you can prune the dead branches to the ground. Here's some helpful info on mums.


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Yes, they die back all winter - but by now you might be seeing new growth at the base. You can cut off all the dead then.

I'm told, (because I am experimenting with this, this year- I'm a transplanted Floridian) that they might bloom in early summer, and if I cut them back, they should bloom again in the Fall.

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