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Mums & Asters: To Cut Back or Not To Cut Back (In Late F

I live in Atlanta and have several mums and asters that I planted in September. I believe that they are established enough to grow back in the spring. I read in one place that I should wait until after the first hard freeze, cut them back, and then mulch over what remains. Will this allow them to come back in the spring? If so, how far do I cut them back?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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Once they are fully dormant and the existing stems are dead, cut them all off at ground level. You should already see some new green leaves at the ground that will be part of next year's growth. I mulch around these, not much over them. If you do mulch over them, be sure to remove the mulch in early spring, so the ground can warm up and the new leaves can get some sun.

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