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First year purple passion vine

I recieved a purple passion vine for my birthday in may. at the time it had one vine and one flower. This summer it grew beautifully, all the way to the top of the 4 foot trellis attached to the pot. at least 40 flowers bloomed. I am a first time gardener and need alot of help! My fruit finally turned orange, but were hollow on the inside. Obviously because it wasnt pollunated? frost is coming and I need to know how to bring it inside this winter. Do I cut it back to the main stem? Take cuttings and make new plants for pollunation next year? Do anything with the hollow fruit on the vines right now? Keep it in the basement or window? I would love to do as much as I can with this beautiful plant! Any info is appreciated! Thanks

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Rather than going into a long winded explanation I will refer you to the following web site that will be easier for you to understand:

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