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Moonflower germination

Hi everyone,

I would like some help with my moonflowers. I saw them at a friends place and wanted to grow some of my own. This is my first garden ever so please bear with me and my naivety. I searched the forums and found the best way to start the seeds is by soaking them overnight or using a papertowel. I used the soaking method and they burst open the next day. So i put them in a little bit of miracle grow potting mix in a Styrofoam cup and with a week I had 2 leaves and a nice healthy stem on one of them and the other 2 are catching up. I transplanted the one with the leaves to a container and now its growth is stagnant. I know its vague but what am I doing wrong. If it helps, Texas is breaking all the heat records and thats where I live. All and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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