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Has anyone heard of the chocolate daisy plant or flower.

Hello there has anyone heard of the chocolate daisy or have the chocolate daisy berlandiera lyrata. I heard many people say that they actually smell like chocolate. I just purchased three of the chocolate daisy berlandiera lyrata from an online plant nursery.

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Hope you have better luck then me from buying online especially in this heat.

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I grew some a couple of years ago. I was hoping they would re-seed and come back but they didn't. Anything you want to know in particular?

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I've had chocolate daisy in full sun banked off a brick wall and it seems to do just fine. I had not even heard that it prefers some shade, I was told they are full sun plants. I haven't tried to overwinter it as a large plant, yet, but the small, seedling rosettes overwintered well from last year (maybe because of that south facing brick wall).

It does have a divine "hot chocolate" smell in the morning, but it tends to fade in the afternoon. The plant itself is not very exciting (maybe because of too much sun where I've got it?) and the flower is a somewhat common looking yellow daisy that only lasts a couple days before it fades, but the plant tends to flower pretty generously.

Mine have produced seeds well, but I haven't had the plants in place long enough to get reseeding at that site (it's so hot and dry I'm sure those seeds will wait until fall). I have collected seed (very easy, they're fairly large, but not a lot in each flower) and started plants in pots to go in other locations. I do start them in semi-shade for better germination/less drying out for the seedlings.

I'm planning to put some in at the sunnier margins of a new, east facing, part shade bee/hummingbird bed this fall, so I'll have to wait and see how they do in a very different setting over the next year or so.

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