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2 Vines On Clematis Dying

So I have a Niobe clematis, it's on it's 3rd summer and it was doing fantastic this year. It has about 20 vines coming up from the ground and over 100 blooms, very thick and lush. About a week ago, while in full bloom, 2 entire vines from the ground up started wilting. First it was all the flowers that drooped and died (even the ones that hadn't bloomed yet), now all the leaves are getting spotty and droopy. Is this Clematis wilt? What can I do to save the plant?

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Could be did you check the stem for red lesions. Prune the dead branches back to the ground and discard in the trash. In the fall cut back the whole plant and discard. Water well. Can spray with sulpher.

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Sounds like clematis wilt to me. I have a lot of trouble with that. Agree with BT - cut any stem that is showing any sign of wilting off right at ground level and discard it, not in the compost pile.

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