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Crabgrass amidst Iris

I have several iris plants on my property, and my wife & I have been landscaping around these with river rock. It's looking pretty good & coming along nicely(the landscaping project that is) However, I'd like to eliminate the crabgrass thats in the irises. Would Preen work? I've never used Preen. I'm just at a loss what my options would or could be on this. Any help/suggestions?

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Start over again. Pull the rock back pull the weeds and put down a weed barrier because anything you put down for the weeds will affect all the plants no matter what the instructions read.

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Go on line and find A product called "GRASS GETTER". it is fantastic for just that problem. I don't use spray killers much but this one is worth it. I had Grass of all kinds in my Iris and in my other flower bed. I bought this stuff and mixed one ounce of it in a gallon of water with one ounce of crop oil and sprayed all of my flower beds. 2 weeks later I noticed the grasses were all yellow and by 3 weeks "DEAD". and not one of the flowers even missed a beat.
Love it and it goes a long way. This is one spray I will always have on hand. The grass does not stand a chance.

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