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Any information where I can go to find out about cityscape.

This may be a stupid question but I was wondering if there is any websites that i can go to to purchase or find information about the plants and shrubs they use in the cityscape projects. There's this certain shrub im looking for that they use in landscaping projects around the city and it's a beatiful dark attractive evergreen shrub with flowers or roses I have also seen it in the landscape of a new apartment complex there building.So I wish there was a website that I can go to to purchase these kind of shrubs and plants that they use in city landscaping projects and the construction projects like the apartment complexes.

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Call your City and have them transfer you to the department that does the landscaping, then ask them what the plant is.

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If the plant seems to be an "official" plant--in a formal planting, or one of many of the same kind along a street--I would start by telephoning a real person at the Department of Public Works.

If that exact name isn't available, maybe Department of Parks? Maintenance? The underlying idea is "the guys/gals from the city with the big trucks and the power tools." School districts have divisions named "Buildings and Grounds," but cities rarely do; that's the kind of concept we're looking for.

In my little burg (approx. 35,000 people), if there isn't a tree out by the street--maybe the old one died or there just never was a tree--and a resident wants to plant a tree out by the street, s/he contacts the Department of Parks & Recreation for...get this!...a *permit*! :x For $250! :shock:

No permit needed to plant a tree in the yard, though, which is how the people who originally owned this house saddled future owners like us with a gigantic redwood in the back yard, but if you want to put a beautiful gingko or other tree out between the sidewalk and the street, you need a $250 permit.

Oh, yes: AND the tree must be listed on the Approved Trees list for the City of El Cerrito. :roll:

Needless to say, we have not planted a tree out by the street. $250 plus upkeep of a tree seems a little steep, ya know?

But maybe you'll have better luck!

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In the meantime, if you can take a couple pictures of the shrub you like (showing the overall structure, the leaves, the flowers) and post them, perhaps someone here can identify it for you.
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What Rainbow said. We like playing the " Name that Tree/Shrub/Plant" Game. 8) :wink:

Also, in the City of Trenton, every new tree planted on his street was tagged -- not with its name unfortunately, but with some kind of a serial number/barcode that my BIL says the responsible department uses in their database.

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