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My first post, ideas needed please.


I hope I have posted this in the correct forum. If not I am sorry.

This is my first post and I would appreciate any advice to plants I have purchased. I used to live in London and moved to St Cyrus in Aberdeenshire about 8 weeks ago. I live in a mobile home and don't have any garden as such, and not allowed to plant anything, but, pots of any size are allowed. Most of the pots I have are facing a SE direction and can face NE as well.

I went to a local garden centre on Friday and bought 3 shrubs and 2 of each of 10 different heathers.

Heathers are...
Daboecia, Cantabrica, Praegerae,
Erica, Carnea, Golden Starlet,
" " March Seedling
" " Winter Sun,
" " Rosantha,
" " Alba Isabel,
" " Winterfreude,
Calluna, Vulgaris, Darts Gold,
" " Prostrate Orange,
" " Loch Turret.

My Shrubs are...
Convolvulus, Cneorum,
Escallonia, Donnard Radiance.
Mother Inlaws Tongue

Most of the heathers are in 9cm pots, outside but protected from the wind and rain if need be. The shrubs are inside.

Any advice on how to care for these plants, when to bring inside or take out, Do they need and when to prune, the heathers are all in 9cm pots except 3 and the shrubs are in 6" (convolvulus) and 8" (escallonia). Are there any other plants that can be kept in pots that would suit a fairly acid soil and can survive the kind of weather we get here.

What do you think of my collection? I think I will need a few more summer flowering heathers?

Sorry for the longish thread but I am on a learning curve.

Cheers and happy digging,

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