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When to sow Delphinium and Lupin seeds?

Hi all,

Here in New Zealand we are moving from early to mid Summer. Both my Delphiniums and Lupins are now at the stage where the seeds are ready for collection, having thoroughly dried.

Should I collect the seed and save until Spring?

Or should I sow now, in coir plugs, and bring them on, followed by planting them out immediately?

The second alternative seems to mimic nature slightly closer, and once the young plant dies down n Autumn, it will then pt on roots for a great start in Spring...or do I assume too much here?

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Hello Rob. it's nice to find a summer question while I'm in winter here.
If you are in a mild-winter area, your second alternative is perfect.
Sow the seeds now and put out the transplants in early fall. Flowers
will come in late spring or early summer.
If you are in a cold-winter area, collect the seed and refrigerate in
airtight containers until spring. Sow and put out transplants in late
spring or early summer. Good luck.

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