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A question about planting sweet vernal grass during spring

I have a question about planting sweet vernal grass anthoxanthum odoratum seeds next year when the 2011 spring comes.I went ahead and purchased the sweet vernal grass seeds at a online nursery for next year for the 2011 spring growing season i purchased them early because i was afraid they might sell out and i wanted to get mine before they did.When i recieved the seeds i was shocked at how tiny and small the seeds were so my question is next year when spring comes how do i plant the seeds i read on the internet that the hole doesn't need to be that deep so i understand that my other problem is when i dig the shallow hole how wide does the hole need to be and how many seeds do i put in that one hole that i dig do i put just one tiny seed in each seperate hole or do i put several of the tiny seeds in one hole.The seeds are so tiny i don't understand how to plant them.thanks

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I answered this question in your other thread:

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