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Bugbane (Cimifugia)

I have several Bugbane that look very healthy- tall, lush no visible pests or diseases. My question lies in the blossoms. All plants have developed long blossom buds....then they never opened. They all stayed in the bud stage almost ready to open. ( they had buds for at least a month) Now winter is here and theyll be dying back soon. Does anyone know what may have caused them to not open?

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Cimicifuga (bugbane or black cohosh) is a late summer to early fall blooming plant. In colder climates, it can run out of time to bloom. I have heard that planting it in a sunnier location (not full sun, it doesn't like that, but less than full shade) will help it bloom a little sooner.

Mine didn't bloom this year, but I think it was due to our terrible drought; I never watered it.

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I'm just south of you (near Great Barrington). After years of having the same problem, I moved a large patch of cimicifuga to a spot that gets more sun (It was in pretty deep shade, now it's in dappled shade) It has done better, but this year with the not-so-good weather, it suffered a bit. Luckily, it's one of those plants that has attractive foliage, so is worth growing even without the flowers.

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