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one of my rhododedrum's leaves seem to be wilting about 3 days ago. I planted 2 plants in april this yr. I put compost and peat in the holes and they seem to be doing good till 3 days ago. I did put rhododedrum fertilize around them last week. I always watered them when the soil was getting dry. The other plant seems fine. The leaves on the plant in question are very green with no yellowing or brown leaves. it is making buds for next yrs flowers. The 1st 2 pictures are of the plant in question, the 3rd pic is of the plant that seems normal. any ideas or suggestions please?

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Rhododendrons require well-drained soil. The leaves will droop like that if the drainage is poor. These plants will quickly develop root rot and/or crown rot if planted in soil that stays too wet. What is the soil like where you planted yours?

[url=]This link[/url] from Ohio State University has some information about the problem.

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It is possible to damage the roots by putting on too much of a chemical fertilizer. If you think you may have over-fertilized, watering it may dilute the fertilizer and help it out. Be careful though; if Kisal is right, watering could make things worse.

It is generally a bad idea to put dry miracle grow on plants. It is much better to mix it with water first and then put it on the plant.

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