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Deadheading and Beyond

Help, I don't know how, when or whether to deadhead my shasta daisies. Would they bloom again? They're really beginning to brown. (How do you know what types of flowers to snip and which ones you shouldn't?)

Also, my Asia lilies have bloomed and gone but the leaves look nice. Should I do anything to them?

I would like both these perennials to come back strong next year. What must I do? And when?

Last, if I want to transplant either of these flowers, what must I do and when?

Thanks -- an annual gardener lucky enough to find my attempt at perennials took root! :D

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If they are start turning to brown i'd cut it to close to ground.
Because it has seeded and ready to die down.
If you want them to rebloom you could have deadhead as soon as flower peaks are ended and don't let it go seedling. then maybe you could have another flowers coming . try it next year hehe.
For lillies I don't know your kind but for my lillies which are from bulbs. When flowers gone and only leaves left, I keep watering and feeding and don't cut them til they go brown and naturally dies down.
Becuase that's how they accumulate nutritions to come back next year :)

Even leaves don't die back i;d be just keep feeding(til early fall) and watering. maybe you may have 2nd bloom(still early summar)

Fall or late winter is good time to transplant :) if they are in pots shake off loose dirt and loosen a root abit, replant in slightly larger pots with fresh potting mix. if on ground dig around the plants carefully not to disturb roots much. then replant in new location with good amended soils.
Either way water plants very well for a week or so.

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on the daisies, dead head as soon as the flower is fading away,....
my rule is if it's not pretty it goes! this keeps the garden looking good and the plant healthy.
i get some repeat blooms from the shasty daisy plants. if you look carefully before cutting you'll see a some new grow and a 'branching' taking place new one of the leaves about half way down the stem. cut just above that new grow. it will become a new flower later in the season . .

i don't have lilies, but wish i did!
for most flowers it is beneficial to remove the spent flowers and leave the foliage for the remained of the summer.

enjoy your garden

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