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Question: Moving & Pruning Clematis

I have 2 clematis's (The President) and a Dr Ruppel. I have to move 1 President and the Dr Ruppel. I am assuming I can do this in the fall?
I live in zone 4.

Also this is my first year with the clematis vine - should I be pruning it back at bit in early spring? I got some good stems on them this year but only a few long ones (not bushy by any means)....not sure how to approach this. If I do prune them how far back to I go to make them bushier???

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Moving Clematis

I have successfully moved Clematis before - it was the large flowering type like the President. The plant was quite young (I think if it were very well established then the root system might be too large to move successfully). I think the best time to move is when the plant is dormant in the very early Spring but you will have to dig down quite a long way to get as much as the root system as you can.

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Fall might be a better time than spring because the plant will definately be dormant and you won't have to worry about a lack of water. As far as prunining, we just pruned ours to take whatever shape we wanted. We pruned in spring and summer, so I don't think that it really matters when you prune.

Anyone else have any experience in this?

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Hi Dawn,

Dr. Ruppel is pruning group 2 aka B and only needs light pruning.

The President is in that same group.

You can scroll down here to the bottom of the page to 'MOVING A LARGE PLANT:'



dawn 1 at the nursery where i worked we cut them back about 2 inches above the root system it will come back as is a perennial it will come back nicer in the summer

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