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Growing Hippeastrum from seed/bulbs - planting depth?


I have been given some Hippeastrum seed and have questions for those in the know...

I have successfully germinated the seed using floatation. Next step is to plant them in pots. The info I have says to leave the 'wing' of the seed on the soil surface, burying only the root. Is that really correct? Won't they prefer to be deeper? How can bulbs form on the surface?

Likewise, once bulbs have formed it says to plant them in the garden with their tops above the soil level. Last time I did that ALL of my bulbs got eaten :cry:. Anyway, aren't bulbs supposed to be underground? I have some existing Hippeastrums (planted by previous owners) which flower beautifully, and their bulbs are so very far underground that I can't reach them to dig them up.

What gives?


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Had to look that one up, it's the genus that includes the Christmas Amaryllis. Is that what you have?

I can't be any help; in my part of the world they are only ever grown as house plants or in containers and brought in for the winter. Maybe one of our Florida growers or other people in tropical regions will stop by.

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