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Perennials that require little care

I am asthmatic and cannot be outdoors alot certain times of the year. I need to know what perennials to plant that require little care. Also, we live in the country where there is no wind protection for plants. Our yard is open to our farming fields. It has no sun protection and plants are subject to sun all day long. The plants on the east side of the house do get some relief from the sun in the afternoon, but still don't get shade relief. Our trees are not large enough to give shade and are too far from our house to give shade.
Flower beds next to the house on the east side have to be watered almost daily in the heat of the summer. Help!!

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Peonies hate to be disturbed! They can be left to themselves for 75 years or more, just producing gorgeous flowers year after year after year. I love peonies. :D

I don't know how well they'd do in the wind, though. They might have to be staked.

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Black eyed susans, perennial salvia, bee balm, anise hyssop, lemon balm, lavender, penstemon, ox-eye or shasta daisy, milkweed (butterfly weed), yarrow, goldenrod, asters... Plant a few of these mixed together for a gorgeous meadow!

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I would echo RG suggestions. Think of what is native to your prairie area. Add Echinacea, Purple coneflower to your mix. Some of these will spread, and spread, some get crowded, so your area will be ever morphing. Mulch well to cut down on watering and weeds. Dead head the spent blooms to prolong flowering.

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... or don't deadhead to allow to re-seed and to grow your own bird seed! :wink:

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daffodil, tulip and iris. Basically no care involved

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I found that you cant kill or get rid of daylillies... easy to do, and to kill them you'd have to literally dig them up and deprive them of water... and even then, sometimes they still survive. :-)

Stella d'oro daylillies, yellow ones, are used in a lot of landscaping around town, you'll see them blooming now (June) thru all summer.

Another highly used bush is the knockout rose (comes in lots of colors now)... cant go wrong with that.

Someone posted about Iris... those too, cant really kill unless you dig them up and deprive them of water, or if you plant too deep and they rot. Those suckers multiply and you'll be soon giving tubers to everyone you know.

Hostas for shade are easy too.

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