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Anyone Have Any Ideas of What This Plant Is?

Hi, I am new to this forum.

Does anyone know the name of a perennial whose leaves come up in the spring and then die off and then later in the summer a single flower stem comes up with a flower?

I friend of mine gave me a plant last year and I do believe it is back up this year. I cannot remember the name of the plant and it is really bothering me. My friend passed away this spring so I cannot ask him.

I will probably recognize the name if someone can think of it and I can probably rule out what it is not.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Lycoris squamigera? It has a huge number of common names.

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Is it a Lycoris (Red Spider Lily)? ... or maybe Colchicum autumnale (Autumn Crocus)?

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Thank you so much!

This it exactly what it is. I remember Earl calling it a "magic lily" now.

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The pink flowered ones called magic lilies, surprise lilies, or sometimes naked ladies are the lycoris squamigera. The spider lilies are very similar but with red flowers with narrower (more spidery) petals. They are same genus, different species lycoris radiata.

I love the naked ladies! [url=][img][/img][/url]

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"Naked ladies" out here = Amaryllis belladonna.

Yet another reason why it's always good to have the scientific name of a plant handy! :D

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