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ID help please

Hello; I am a complete novice to gardening, but I just bought a house last summer with lovely perennial plants all along the backyard borders. I live in central Iowa, and everything is starting to flower, but I have no idea what half of these plants are. Can anyone identify these for me please?

#1: (I do know that those are surprise lilies growing in the background)


Any help would be much appreciated!

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#1 looks like Scilla. There's one other plant that it could be but at the moment, I can't remember its name. :oops:
#2 looks like Lenten Rose (Helleborus)

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applestar wrote:#2 looks like Lenten Rose (Helleborus)
I agree with hellebore. They are beautiful plants that come in so many colors. Here's a pic of mine :)

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Thank you both for the replies! I never would have figured out the second one.

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The first one looks like false forget me not a member of the Brunnera family, the leaves don't look right for scilla.
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The 1st one's definately scilla siberica (common name squill). Given time, it can form lovely large colonies, beautiful in the spring, but will go dormant in the summer, so needs to be overplanted with something else to fill in.

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Concur on squills and hellebores... 8)

Nice job, gang!

Scott Reil

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