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How to Care for Leonotis Nepetifolia a.k.a Lions ear

On recommendation from the guys at my local nursery, I bought 2 of these shrubs. I was told that they do extremely well in sandy soil, humid & hot climates (such as FL), attract bees, butterflies and mainly hummingbirds. They have been in the ground for a few weeks now and one is already starting to bud the unique orange flower. I am so excited! I went on line to try to find information on the detailed care of this shrub but came up empty. Several sites and forums discussed the importance of pruning but with no real direction. If ANYONE has any information on how to properly care for this unfamiliar shrub, I would be most grateful! …PLUS, that gives me an excuse to be out in the garden more often!!!

Thank you!!!

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hi there, I'm just a 'bit' further south from you ;) ....

I don't really do much to mine, but I certainly don't let it grow to 9 ft.... I wack it back when ever it grows too tall and starts to flop over.


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