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Euonymus--shrub or ground cover?

OK, what should I call it? I have several white/green variegated euonymus (sp?) given to me and they are apparently quite happy, spreading all over the place, up the brick, etc. The older shoots get kinda woody, but mostly it's green shoots. Also, several of the plants are throwing all-white sports, but they don't seem to layer-propagate like the other ones. I'd like to propagate these sports, but realize they aren't as hardy as the parent (none of them survive our zone 5 winters, even attached to the parent). Location is north side of house on strip of borderline sour soil between house & neighbour's drive. Soil is sandy, but compacted because of traffic there. It gets enough sun to support spring-flowering bulbs and a peony, believe it or not.
Any suggestions for the white sports? (Albinos?)
Happy Gardening.

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Hi Wing, you may wish to look on your states invasive list because some species of Euonymous can be invasive.

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