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Soil for re-potting Cliva.

Can someone give me a home recipe for potting soil to use for my Clivia. I plan to divide and re-pot about 12 large plants. I have rich garden soil and lots of compost. Would I be better off buying commercial potting soil? I can see quite an expense to do so but I value the plants too much to risk taking a chance with home-made potting soil if it's a bad idea.

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For containers, garden soil and compost are a bit heavy and dense and moisture holding, to use by themselves. The clivia, like most plants other than bog plants, likes well drained soil.

Your garden soil and compost could be an ingredient in home made potting soil, with other additives like vermiculite or perlite, for drainage. The trouble with garden soil and compost for indoor containers is that there's a very good chance of bringing some bugs. You can take care of that by baking it, which I have done and works well, but smells nasty while it's going on and kills a lot of the beneficials too.

Top $ bread made a very detailed post about making home made potting soil here:

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