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Rampant Ivy Problem

Dear All,
I have some Ivy, which I don't mind growing on the garden wall, but I don't want it growing up the house. I have stripped it off the house and treated it with 'Roundup', hopefully to kill any roots embedded in the mortar. Is there anything I can do, as a preventative measure, to stop it spreading back to the house?

Thank you


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Personally, I'm dedicating my life to getting rid of ivy where ever I see it ... it's an exotic invasive with no food value to any wildlife, which kills trees, tears buildings apart and smothers forest floors. So I'd just get rid of the stuff entirely, solving the problem.

If you want to keep some, but don't want it growing up your house, is it possible to mow a strip in front of your house? Ivy really doesn't like being mowed and can be pretty easily controlled if you can mow it even 2-3 times a year.

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