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Oriental lilies

Why are my Oriental lilies blooming now? Should I write the co.?
Aren't Asiatic blooming now?

Thanks ever so...

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Were they bought from a nursery this year? If they were they are probably going to bloom at this time. Next year they'll bloom later. My stargazers purchased last year only have buds on them but ones I've bought this year are blooming as well as my asiatics.

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My stargazers are blooming right now and they've been in the same place for 3-4 years.

Strangely, altho they are all together in one patch, one of them started turning brown from the ground up and only had 2 blooms. There were more buds, but they turned brown and shriveled. The other plants right next to them are robust and healthy. Any ideas about what would effect just one and not get the others?

BTW--I'm going to divide these this year. Is fall the best time?

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I believe your location in the US would also influence when they bloom. I live in Minnesota so our growing season is pretty short and it stays colder longer. My stargazers won't bloom for weeks yet and most of my daylilies haven't started either. The variety willl make a difference too because my red asiatics are long done blooming but my mixed are just starting. MY 'dizzy' orientals are done but the starfighters aren't.

As for fall being the best time, spring and fall are usually considered the best times for dividing and translplanting. After they're done blooming I would consider it safe to move them.

The browning your talking about also occured with my orientals but I haven't got a clue what caused it. I had one that fell over and that one's buds browned. They still bloomed but not as brilliantly.
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I used to have a bed of Oriental and Asiatic lilies.... In Asia, lily bulbs are considered an edible delicacy. Apparently chipmunks know this too. My lilies started getting smaller every year, so I dug them up to see what was going on. The main bulb was completely demolished (chewed up), and the scales were scattered in the ground so that I had baby lilies trying to grow everywhere. :evil: I also found a stash of sunflowers nearby. :roll: I believe the chipmunks stumbled on the lilies by accident while hiding their cheekpouchful of winter stores.

Eventually, the lilies died out (I could've taken better care of the babies but wasn't able to) until one summer, instead of lilies, all I got were 3 clumps of sunflowers sprouting together. "What the..... WHERE are my lilies!" :lol:

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