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Oriental lilies

I'm so sorry not to be able to post a pic of my "mystery" lillies. I'm just learning the computer. Yes, the orange lilies are seperate, tall and hardy plants. Just appeared this year amongst the pink ones. This also happened to a co-worker of mine. They look like a solid orange and really look like they were deliberately planted. Beautiful, in their own right; I only wanted pastels and orange is so harsh.

Thank you for your prompt reply...
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Are these entirely separate and different plants? Could you post pictures of them for us? If you need information about posting pictures on forums, see the Webmaster's post [url=]here[/url].
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I would love to see pictures too. Let us know!
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orange daylilies

I'm speculating (another word for guessing), but the basic orange daylily that grows wild everywhere (it's not a native, was introduced from Asia in the 1800's, but has escaped and naturalized and spreads itself all over now) is probably the original form from which the versions we have now were hybridized. Hybrid plants don't breed true from seed and sometimes the next generations from seed revert back to or towards original forms.

So if you don't want the orange ones in your pastel garden, dig them out, trying to get all the roots. Then be sure you are deadheading your chosen day lilies so they don't set seed. They will spread fast enough from the roots anyway.

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Wait a minute.... is this thread about oriental lilies or daylilies? I think that though the orange daylilies have naturalized they are pretty difficult to mistake for oriental lilies when looking at leaves.

I don't know why orange lilies would appear among pink ones but I have had abnormal lilies pop in my garden without explanation as well.
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