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Mildrew / mould on Honeysuckle

Hi. I was wondering if someone could answer me a couple of questions with regard to me honeysuckle. This my first ever garden and I'm having an issue as the topic suggests.

I planted it last year in a pot and it grew ok up the trellis on the house and this year its started ok again and put on some good new growth. However I its started to get white spots on the leaves. Readin a little I think its mildrew? Some look ok apart from the spots although some are starting to get a little ropey where the spots are. There tends to be one large spot per affected leaf toward the middle of the leaf.

Ive brought a diesese spray and sprayed the plant but I'm curious as to wether this is the right thing to do? Can the plant be treated back to health? I have no expirence with this sort of thing?

Also, whats likely to have caused this? Is it me? Can I do something to help prevent this happening etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Any chance you can cut some off and take it back where you bought it, unless it was a big box store, and you might get a huh? Generally moisture can bring on mold unless it is the extreme case. Is the soil really moist?

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I treat powdery mildew with milk, one to ten with water, sprayed on weekly or after every rain. I'm not the only one...


See the bacteria Lactobaccillus produces lactoperoxidase which it turns out is an antifungal agent. This is the same bacteria that sours milk, or cultures yogurt, and you have a vast innoculum supply handy at all times... in your mouth! There is also a vast supply in most soil; this is one of the most commonly found bacteria on the planet...

So please go low level first before you start using poison, because my way hurts nothing but badguys, and chemicals hurt EVERYTHING...


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Great link Scott, I bookmarked it. My lilacs tend to get powdery mildew every year. It doesn't seem to really hurt them that I can tell. Would the milk cure work for them. Should it be done preventatively before the mildew appears? thanks

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Yes and Yes RG. This is a better preventative than curative, although it does both...

I use it on my lilacs...and bee balm and squash...


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