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Columbine and pansies?

I'm making my first ever garden. its a gated garden. Veggies and fruit on the inside and flowers around the outside. Ive read al ot about pansies and they seem to be colorful/hardy/and last all year long. I live in southern california so the weather never gets too cold. On another note I really love columbines. Could these too successfuly coexist together? Ive read that pansies do better with dafoldiles, tulips, and iris' and should be planted at the same time as a bulb. If anyone could help me out let me know. Id like as much advice and tips possible. :lol:

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In NC it gets too hot for pansies in the summer so that's when they plant petunias and such. Columbines are biennial but they do self seed if your soil is amended correctly so you should have plants every year and wouldn't be surprised if pansies self seed as well in CA.

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Pansies are good cool weather bloomers and tend to melt out as hot weather sets in in summer..... rarely a year round bloomer let alone a year round survivor, though I have seen and occasional pansy pull throuhg a hot summer... not oftent though. Here its best to plant pansies in the fall to get a spectacular show in the spring. Zone six winters don't faze them.

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