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Will an Orchid Primrose grow well in a container?

I have an orchid primrose that I got as a gift last summer. I planted it in a garden on the south east side of my house. It said on the tag partial sun but a neighbor that's more experienced in gardening said it would be fine there. I think its too much or too strong sun light there, because most days it would be wilty by afternoon. I live in southern WV, things are coming up and I was surprised that came back. I thought I killed it.
So my questions are would it be ok for me to dig it up, when is the best time to do this, do they grow well in containers, and what would be the best kind of container? This area is really the only place for flowers in the ground.
Thanks for any input!

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Yes you can transplant, which I beleive it needs but what until after it blooms. It could be a combination of sun and wind that's making it wilt. Yes it can be container grown, just make certain it has good drainage and that it is a high humus soil, not ready bagged, and take it out of the sun. When in CO, my only experience, they did well in the shade and mulch for the winter and water if no moistuire comes from Mother Nature cause they like to be a little wet, but not drowning.

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