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Poorly flowering phlox

I have three bunches of phlox in my garden that are about three years old. During the growing season, they grow very well. The plants are full and healthy looking with good air circulation. The only time I may see some powdery mildew is very late in the season. The problem is that they flower very poorly. I only get a few clusters of flowers and the cluters are small. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I don't really know that much about these, but all I can tell you is that mine were doing the same thing until I moved them to a different spot in the garden and they were beautiful last year.

I didn't treat them any differently, they got the same conditions as far as I could tell, but for some reason just responded differently. And they weren't large enough to divide. Must have been just a different little micro-climate they like in the new spot.

Good luck!


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