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japanese maple

I planted a japanese maple in green bay wisconsin this summer. it is half buried in snow. it is about 4 feet tall with a two foot width. no protection. Is it doomed?

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Do you remember where you purchased the specimen? I recommend calling your source and asking for help in person: local, experienced help.

You might also think about shooting a couple of photos to show how the tree is situated (west exposure? south? windward? leeward?) when you go *in person* to ask for help.

Good luck!

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Your jap maple should be fine. I would consider a bit of mulch or sand if you get a thaw. I am in western NY and have the same type weather here if the tree is accustomed to the weather it will be fine if it is not some mulch may be required foir the fisrt couple of years

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It's probably fine, but you might want to wrap it in an old sheet just to protect it from sunburn. I'm in zone 5 or 6 depending on whom you believe and I still wrap mine in the winter as I've experienced some winter dieback before. It also depends on siting, your zone, and the type of JM you have--do you still have the label? Also, you might want to peruse the Japanese garden section of this forum for more info.

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