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What grows with Tiger lillies?

Hello, I am looking to find a perrenial flowering plant that would grow well with the existing tiger lillies. The location is in zone 4, faces north and recieves full/partial sun. I am looking for something competitive enough to grow amongst the pre-existing plants as well as maybe a nice color complement. Thank you for your help!
Leah from WI

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Asiatic lilies or other bulbs would probably be great. Bulbs are usually hearty enough to grow up through some roots. Look on the packaging for summer blooming, so they'll flower at the same time as your existing lilies.

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I have daffodils by my lilies. I also have some russian sage and rudbeckia (black eyed susans), nearby. Daylilies are nice, too but unless they rebloom they have a pretty short blooming period,they spread nice though.

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