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Moved, divided Peonies - Help needed

I have several peony plants in our back garden which have been there over 20 years. Our neighbours planted a new cedar hedge which encroached on our pink peonies to such an extent that they stopped flowering. Last fall, I decided to move and divide them at the same time. This was done under a period of stress for me (my father had died the day before) and now I find the new plants are too close together, too near to other perennials, or too close to the walkway. What would be the best time to move them? They are only about 12 inches tall, quite vigorous, but I wonder if it will be too much of a shock for such young plants to be moved now. I don't expect to get blooms for a year or two, but will I further delay their bloom time by moving them this fall when they are more sturdy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Nope, you have it just right; a move in the fall will be just the ticket. If they are really languishing, earlier moves may be called for, but I would wait until fall if I could...


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