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Re: seeds started?

Nothing started yet, but today I got my shelf system out of the shed (necessitating finding other places for all the stuff that had some how occupied it in the meantime :) ) and wiped all the dust and spider webs off it and set it up in the garage. As soon as I can, I will get it set up with the lights, heat mats, cover and then get to work planting some seeds!!
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Re: seeds started?

I am about to be gone on a two week trip. Tomorrow, I plan to put some seeds in some soil and see if some magic will happen! Overall my plants seem to do better when I am not here to fuss over them!
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Re: seeds started?

I am itching to get in the dirt sooooo bad! But I had some extensive surgery and cannot yet manage the stairs to the basement. It will be February before I can get around to cleaning off my seedling shelves.

If the path to the shed wasn't so slick and muddy I could manage that if I had someone walking with me. Seeds that need cold spells could be put in there. But all my potting soil is frozen, except what is in the basement. Even my last bit of coir fiber is a chunk of ice. No money to buy more.

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