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Rosebush from seeds!

Hi everyone
If you have never seen how is a rosebush when is a baby, here you have your opportunity!

I don't remember when I plant the seeds, but after months (or years) they have seen the light.

It's so hard to germinate rosebush seeds, because hybrids don't produce fertile seeds. It's necessary perfect conditions (and I think they need the cold of winter).

I want to see what color flowers will have, maybe yellow, but you don't know never...

We are on top of spring. During spring and summer they will grow up, so I'll post news images,

Hasta pronto!
Here you can see the little thorns
Here you can see the little thorns

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I just planted 4 different color of climbing rose seeds. Can you give me an idea of the amount of time it took for your seeds to sprout? I have read it takes from 2 weeks to 2 years. I wood appreciate any information.

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I don't know, BEEMAN. I'm sure seeds have been in ground arround maybe two years. I planted them time ago, but I didn't see any plant. So I approfited substrate to another pot and this is that result.

I didn't make any special thing to sprout them. But I read you have to simulate a winter. Put them a few weeks in your fridge (or maybe your city was enough cold last winter, my city never is down to 0ºC).

Anyway, try with a lot of seeds.

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you can stratify the seeds by storing them for a few months in moist peat moss or sand in the refrigerator before planting. not for certain this works with roses but I know ginseng and pawpaw seeds are 2 examples of seeds that need this treatment to germinate

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